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The Meadow is a sexual memoir in poetry about the author's experiences as a younger woman, making a journey from nonconsensual sexual victimization to a meadow in her mind. The meadow was constructed, at first to hide, and then returned to years later as a sub space (a mental space a person goes to while expressing their submission).  What began in the darkness of her youth, the meadow became a sanctuary of joyful place she sought to return.  This collection explores a dewy path to consensual domination, discipline and degradation. The Meadow is not a universal story; it’s very personal and specific.  It’s one 22 year old’s story of a journey into tall grass enticed by the flora to find fauna with appetites as bestial as her own.

Now available as an Ebook absolutely free...

“To say that Twin Peaks was an inspiration for me personally is an understatement. It was a creative right of passage. A vision not just of an artist at the height of his craft, but of a time and place, a version of American life and love and suffering that could never be real, yet somehow was more real than anything I’d ever seen. 

The contributors to this anthology have also experienced this right of passage. They have loved, as I have loved, an impossible story of humanity and inhumanity, of a cosmic malevolence subverting every mundane aspect of domestic life, and of the devout few who struggle to understand and combat the darkest impulses and machinations of the universe. They have rendered this love, this fascination and passion here into verse. 

To quote Agent Cooper, “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present.” Today let it be this book. “

McKenzie Lee
Rebecca Kokitus
Dani Tauber
Erin Emily Ann Vance