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I Hate To Count the Things That Save My Life

FREE • EBOOK • 12 pages

Now available as an Ebook absolutely free…

APEP Publications is proud to present Erin Moran’s I Hate To Count the Things That Save My Life. It is a blissfully meandering love poem that invites the reader into whatever scene of ecstasy or tribulation it details. With precision, simplicity, and repetition, Moran’s work is a breathless expression of love. It it a tiny ecstasy folded in manilla and stapled.

FREE • EBOOK • 12 pages

Erin Moran is a poet and journalist based in Philadelphia. She curates a quarterly literature & arts zine and reading series called Suburban Springtime. Her debut collection of poetry, FIVE YEARS OF SEA-SICKNESS, is forthcoming from Wide Eyes Publishing in early 2020.