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APEP is not currently accepting submissions

APEP Publications is a small batch, experimental press based in Chewsville, MD.  While there are no absolutes as far as the things we publish, we tend to gravitate toward poetry and grotesque art and fiction. Our books are made by hand, designed, edited and illustrated by Jeremy Gaulke. Design is an intregal part of APEP Publications. We take care and control of the design and embellishment in the books we create. We are not a vanity press and select work we think will resonate with our aesthetic and strive to create books that are as compelling visually as they are literarily. While we like to include the author in the creative process, we also encourage writers to make themselves aware of the style our catalouge before considering working with us. The design and visual approach we take is not for everyone. 

What we are looking for

We are drawn cheifly to the weird, the obscene, the occult, and the unspeakable.  We look for voices that can express these truths in ways we haven’t read before.  We seek literary alchemists.  We abhor cliche, unearned sentimentality, and confession.  We adore personal mythology, fantasy, memoir, and testament. We want our writers to care about how things look and to trust us to make their work look gorgeous. 

While it ought to go without saying, we have no interest in reading or elevating the work of racist, sexist, or classist writers.  

If we pair a writers work with illustrations we always consult the writer and involve them in the creative process.  We strive to be communicative, respectful and clear. 

Our process

We typically will read a manuscript and if interested respond within 1-2 weeks with a pitch for design, editing and timeframe. We are flexible on all counts but if for one reason or and author is not interested in our editing process we appreciete them indicating that before submitting their manucript.  Our editing process can be as vigerous or as brief as the writer prefers.  

How we make books

We print and bind everything here in our home studio. There are some limitations to the books we are able to make. We typically make saddle stitched (stapled) chapbooks with a maximum of 60 pages.  The dimensions of our books are flexible but our most popular size is 5”x7” with rounded corners on the right side.  

We print books on demand and split the net profit of every sale with the author. Authors are provided a copy of the book and have the option to receive books in lue of royalty payments.  Additional copies are also available to authors at any time at a 50% discount. 

how to submit

We ask that writers submit a brief description of their project with the form below.  An informal pitch will get the ball rolling and we'll get in touch with you if we're interested in learning more about your manuscript or work. We'll try to get back to you within 5-7 days of your submission.

For writers with a penchant for antiquity, you can send a printed copy of your manuscript along with an S.A.S.E to the address below.

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